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About Us

Before it all began we looked at each other and asked:

why not?

We took a chance, rolled up our sleeves, and poured everything we knew into an age-old process. With a desire to create something that would fuel conversation over delicious meals and bring good people together, we set out to make outstanding wine.  Each bottle of Quidni Estate wine celebrates the philosophy of taking risks, leaving excuses at the door, and living life to the fullest.

Ask yourself why not - and see where it takes you.

Our Team

Marty Gunderson

The one who started it all.  Without Marty, the lot of us would not be where we are today.  He decided to go on an adventure and take on something he knew nothing about.  Marty set his mind on owning a winery and look at him now - he can't stop!  To the funniest and most outgoing guy around we say, "thank you". 


What is your full name:
"When my wife is angry at me, she calls me by my middle name, Eugene."


Role at the winery:
"Founder.  Ironically, knows the least about wine and wineries."


Born & Raised:
"Born in Fort McMurray, but decided to move to Sherwood Park, AB.  Thought it was a good idea since my parents were moving as well.  I was 2."


Marty's favourite Quidni White Wine:
"The business man in me says the one that sells the most, Why Not White, but I personally LOVE the Viognier."


Marty's favourite Quidni Red Wine:
"The Barrel Select 2011 Merlot is incredible!"


Marty's hobbies:
"1. Filling out lists.
2. Playing and coaching with my kids in sports.  That way I can still yell at them as their football coach as well.
3. Family vacations.  Love to go out and explore the world.  Go to really cool places with lots of culture, unique delicacies, and fascinating art.  Places like Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan."


Special talents:
"I have an insane ability to embarrass myself in any setting.

I once was at a trade-show, where a key potential client was right next to us.  Given I was the sales guy, my partners volunteered me to go meet their head honcho and land a big deal.  So I went, even though I was super nervous.  I spoke to the fellow for about 10 minutes always keeping eye contact with him.  Well, after the chat, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was favouring his arm.  So I finished our discussion by saying, “Thanks for the talk, now go take care of that arm”.  I look down and to my horror, he had a prosthetic arm.

I didn’t get the deal."


Favourite movie:
"Easy.  Planes, Trains and Automobiles.  “Those aren’t pillows”."


Favourite quote:
"Heart is difference between those who attempt and those who achieve”.  That’s the quote I have on all our football team’s t-shirts for the kids."

Emanuela Bandol

Ema is the person who makes sure everyone is in line.  She runs the winery and is honestly, AWESOME at it!  With her amazing personality and hard work ethic, we really should make her sign a lifetime contract to stay with us.....


What is your full name:
"Emanuela Cristina Bandol.  I go by Em..Ema..or whatever you fancy."


Role at the winery:
"Wine Shop & Guest House Manager...or as my business card says "Rockstar". No, really...it does."


Born and Raised:
"Born in Romania.  Raised in Romania, Italy and moved to Canada in 1994."


Ema's favourite Quidni White Wine:
"2013 Gewürztraminer and our Barrel Select Chardonnay.  Soooo good!"


Ema's favourite Quidni Red Wine:
"2013 Merlot..goes so good with a medium rare bison tenderloin!!"


Ema's hobbies:
"Cycling, racing, mountain biking, running, swimming, SUP, diving, reading, cooking, hanging out with Dalton and with friends."


Special talents:
"Fluent in Romanian, Italian.  I have pretty good analytical skills, planning and organizing...anything.  I can also tie a cherry stem knot with my tongue."


Favourite movie:
"Picking between those two is like choosing which kid you like most.  That wouldn't be cool.  So in no particular order...Old School..."we're going streaking!!!" And Wedding Crashers..."mom, the meatloaf!"."


Favourite quote:
"Fortune favours the brave!"

Jacqueline Wong

This lady does so much work behind the scene and keeps us all in line.  Don't know what we'd do without her!!


What is your full name:
"Jacqueline Joanna Wong."

Role at the winery:
"Executive Assistant."

Born & Raised:
"In Edmonton, Alberta."

Jacqueline's favourite Quidni White Wine:
"2013 Gewurztraminer and I LOVE moscatos or anything bubbly."


Jacqueline's favourite Quidni Red Wine: 
"2013 Merlot is delicious!"

Jacqueline's hobbies:
"I like dancing, spending time with my family and friends. I love travelling!!!"

Special talents:
"I speak Cantonese and understand Mandarin.  I moved to Montreal by myself when I was 17!" ‪#‎missindependent‬


Favourite movie:
"That's a hard one but I would have to keep it with the Disney collection and say, "The Little Mermaid"."

Favourite quote:
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.  If you can dream it, you can become it." - William Arthur Ward

Dustin Legacy

If you've ever met Dustin or had the opportunity to do a wine tasting with him, you'd know he's a breath of fresh air!  His enthusiasm and energy is contagious and he usually has everyone in a stitch from making them laugh so much.


What is your full name: 
"Dustin Matthew Legacy."


Role at the winery:
"Cellar assistant, Professional Wine Pourer & I dabble in janitorial arts."


Born and Raised:
"Chilliwack B.C. "The Corn Capital"."


Dustin's favourite Quidni White Wine:
"Viognier....love the bouquet, she goes down smooth and crisp and I love saying the name."


Dustin's favourite Quidni Red Wine:
"Barrel Select 2011 Merlot all the way.  Maybe it's cause we crushed the grapes with our feet...(kidding)."


Dustin's hobbies:
"Playing guitar out in the sunshine, skateboarding, traveling around the world via backpack and sandals....is enjoying life a hobby?"


Special talents:
"Je peux parl...oops I mean I can speak French and a tad of Spanish.  Snuck in and slept in the Tikal ruins of Guatemala....scariest night of my life..it took a bit of talent.  Have been to 4 countries in 1 day....Talent? I think so."


Favourite movie:
"Planes, trains and automobiles (favourite movie)."


Favourite quote:
"I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade....and try to find somebody who's life has given them vodka, and have a party."


"Love being part of the Quidni Qrew"

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