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Here at Quidni, we always dare to be a little bit different.  We could have simply gone to a bank or more conventional means to get some expansion capital.  But what banker is going to tell the world about Quidni wine, as well as you?  

We want YOU to be part of the Quidni story and tell your story to wine-loving friends and family.  When you become part of the Quidni family, you will receive business cards, brochures, stickers and even a t-shirt to help you tell the world about Quidni.  We call that our Preferred Shareholder package.

This will be a fun journey as we explore and expand the Quidni story.  We'd love to hear your story, how you heard about Quidni, what your Quidni experience was like, and how you see Quidni going further.

Once you invest, you will get some great perks for investing, along with the Preferred Shareholder package.  There are some financial and potentially tax saving benefits too.  


Our partner, Front Fundr, is handling all the administration and paperwork.  On their site, you can see bio's on our team, our vision for the future, how the funds will be spent and documents that you'll need to read to be fully knowledgeable about the investment.  You'll need to open up a free account to view the investment.  It's really simple.  Check them out by clicking the button below.

Ask yourself, why not?... and see where it takes you.


How to Make an Investment

1. Create an investor account on FrontFundr.com 

2. Check out Quidni Estate Winery’s profile page in Pitch Place (under 
Investment Opportunities) 

3. ‘Follow’ Quidni Estate Winery to stay up-to-date on news and upcoming 

4. Click ‘Invest Now’ to initiate an investment 

5. Input the required information to determine your investment limit. 

6. Pledge an investment and click ‘Continue’ – the pledged amount will be 
rounded to a whole number of shares. 

7. You will be taken to the first page of your investor profile. Follow the 
instructions and complete your investor profile. 

8. If the ID verification is unsuccessful through Equifax - you will be asked to 
confirm your phone number and will be contacted by a FrontFundr 
representative to complete the ID verification with a quick video chat. 

9. Once the ID verification has been completed, FrontFundr will review your 
profile and investment. This may take up to a day. Once approved, you will receive the investment documents to sign electronically and instructions on how to make your payment. 

10. Once the documents have been signed and the payment has been made, everything on your end is complete. 

11. The funds will be held in escrow until the campaign comes to a close. 

If you have any questions, please send them to aaronstuart@frontfundr.com



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